footprint services

Sustainability for good

An experienced industrial practitioner and consultant in the arena of Resources Efficiency, Innovation and Industrial Symbiosis, Andrew instigated Footprint Services in February 2016 as a sole-trading company to deliver both industrial and Church-related activities (from 2016 until 2020, Andrew served as Pastor of Park Congregational Church in Grimsby).

Footprint Services is a consultancy based in Lincolnshire dedicated to the transformation, interpretation and presentation of information relating to waste resources. Underpinning this work is a desire to maximise the efficient stewardship of finite resources within the framework of ethical and sustainable enterprise.

Examples of reports / projects includes:

  • RDF:Insight - monthly production and delivery of RDF:Insight reporting suite, providing supply chain insight into the export and destinations of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) from England
  • EWC Interrogator interactive software, a highly versatile application for searching for sources or outlets of waste streams by EWC codes.
  • EU Energy From Waste Database - report and data on the location and capacity of energy from waste facilities across Europe
  • AD vs IVC Tracker - showing the capacity trend for these two competing technologies

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