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RDF Export Summary (November 2020)

November 2020

As we approach the end of a turbulent year, how have events impacted the volumes of Refuse-Derived Fuels (RDF) from England to overseas energy facilities? This short video gives a brief overview based on the latest data.

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Waste Fuels: Trends In The Age Of Coronavirus

September 2020

As world leaders grapple with Coronavirus, almost every industry has been impacted by restrictions, and the waste sector is no exception, along with the trade in exported waste-derived fuels. Are there companies or destinations that are doing better than others? How is the higher-value SRF performing against its RDF counterpart?

TFS Overview Dashboard

July 2020

The new TFS Overview Dashboard from Footprint Services is informative, intuitive and interactive. What does it show and what does it look like?

Waste Import Tax In Denmark

June 2020

Denmark is proposing a tax on imported waste in a bid to reduce reliance on overseas waste-derived fuels. Is this just a cash grab or something more nuanced?

Q1 RDF Summary : Politics & Pandemics

May 2020

The impact of the Dutch RDF Tax is becoming clear, prompting a 50% fall in tonnage to the Netherlands. But how is the rest of the export market coping?

Half A Million Tonnes Of RDF Needs New Home

April 2020

Early indications suggest that the Dutch RDF Tax may result in around half a million tonnes of RDF from England needing to find a new home. If an Energy from Waste option cannot be found, then this may result in processed fuel heading to landfill.

Exports of RDF Through Humber Ports (2019 Review)

March 2020

Nearly a quarter of England's RDF exports leave via ports on the Humber estuary, offering a gateway to outlets in Europe and Scandinavia. This summary gives the key trends for these ports, showing the risers and fallers.

Wood Waste: Energy Trends

February 2020

2.3 million tonnes was converted to energy in 2018, which sounds like a lot of wood, but how does this compare to the total volume of waste wood? How is the rise in domestic EfW impacting on wood waste exports? How is it affecting other uses? Is wood still going to landfill?

The Landfill Strikes Back?

February 2020

How much waste is still being sent to landfill, and what is the nature of that waste? What are the regional variations? Is landfill a thing of the past (which we might be led to believe), or does a significant volume of our waste still end up in a hole in the ground for lack of alternative options?

How Much RDF Is Being Landfilled?

January 2020

In light of the controversial RDF tax in the Netherlands, there is the heightened possibility of RDF being sent to landfill rather than to energy recovery. How much RDF has been sent to landfill in recent years, and is the volume about to skyrocket?

EWC Interrogator: Logistics Module

November 2019

Logistics operators seek to make use of backhaul opportunities, increasing the efficiency of and maximising returns on their activities. This module from Footprint Services helps to do just that.

Dutch RDF Import Tax

September 2019

Refuse-Derived Fuel exports hit the national news in the past month, not only here in the UK but also in the Netherlands. Since 45% of English RDF exports goes to the Netherlands, how are the latest shipment figures faring?

AD vs IVC Trend Report (2009-2019)

August 2019

How is the In-Vessel Composting sector faring against the ongoing expansion of Anaerobic Digestion facilities? This tracker report from Footprint Services provides charts, maps and data, showing the trend since the instigation of central support for AD as the 'technology of choice' in 2009.

European Waste Shipment Summary

August 2019

Infographic article summarising key observations from the latest Eurostat data on shipments of waste around the EU and identifying some intriguing differences in approach between the UK and the more resource-hungry nations such as Germany and the Netherlands.

Air Pollution Control Residues Report

June 2019

Companies with large furnaces are obliged to control the amount of acid gases or small particulates emitted. To do this, they use filters, and this results in volumes of Air Pollution Control Residues which need to be disposed of. This summary report gives an overview of arisings and some current routes for disposal.

Hazardous Waste Exports From England

May 2019

Over 70 companies in England are sending tonnages of hazardous waste to over 70 companies overseas, from used oils to lead batteries, oily rags to off-spec chemicals. But which countries receive the most? Find out here.

RDF Port Route Analysis

May 2019

Looking at the flow out from English ports across to overseas entry ports, Felixstowe leads the field, accounting for over 17% of English RDF exports and rising. This article looks at the connections between exit and entry ports, along with tonnage growth or decline.

EWC Interrogator (New & Improved v1.5)

March 2019

For professionals in the waste sector, understanding what EWC codes are coming into (or going out from) permitted sites is vital, saving the hours of ringing up companies and asking "Is EWC Code 03 05 01 on your permit?" This innovative, interactive report from Footprint Services allows you to do just that ... and see waste codes from large manufacturing sites ... and see waste codes incoming to English incinerator facilities.

Energy from Waste Planning Report

January 2019

This new, updated and expanded report from Footprint Services not only shows the waste streams received by operational EfW facilities, but shows throughput capacity trends over time as well as sites under construction, in planning, etc for Incineration, Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion and Landfill Gas sites.

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CEWEP Thermal Treatment Trends 2001-16

January 2019

UK Energy-from-Waste treatment capacity has been marching upwards since 2009, according to CEWEP, and now exceeds that of the Netherlands. Are we now able to process our own waste and does this mean there is no longer a need to export waste-derived fuels?

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SRF To Senegal & Other News

January 2019

Senegal appears on the list of SRF exports for the first time. But which country has just overtaken Germany as the 2nd largest recipient of English RDF?

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Wood Waste Export & Treatment Summary

December 2018

Most exported wood waste goes to Sweden for incineration, but what are we doing with EWC 19 12 07 generally?

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Politics As Uncertain As The Weather

November 2018

Colder weather lies ahead, which would usually be a good thing for RDF exports. But are the political headwinds starting to prove too strong?

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Defying Gravity In RDF Exports?

October 2018

Using bubble charts, the relative weight of the opposing forces in the RDF export sector can be seen - do the positive players have the 'lift' to reverse the gravitational pull of the negatives?

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It's Not All About The Weather

September 2018

The year-on-year % growth of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) exports from England to overseas destinations has slipped -4%. Given the extended Summer heatwave, might we presume that the drop in RDF usage is down to the weather? Not entirely.