Interactive Reporting

The links below use interactive reporting powered by Zoho Analytics, so each will open a Zoho report in a new tab.

RDF Export Summary Dashboard

Giving top-level insight on exports of Refuse-Derived Fuels (RDF) from England. Report features drop-down to allow users to select destination country.

European Energy from Waste

Interactive mapping showing tonnage capacity of Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities in a selected country.

Note: This information is part of the full "EU Energy From Waste" reporting from Footprint Services. For full access to the data and mapping, please get in touch (see Contact page for details).

EWC Summary Dashboard

Interactive dashboard giving insight into the treatment and tonnage of waste streams by EWC Code

Incineration Trends

Showing headline capacity and received tonnage trend for all incineration facilities in England (2006-2018) including EfW, biomass, clinical, hazardous etc.

EWC Interrogator (Subscribers Only)

Search permitted waste sites across England and Wales to identify sources or outlets of waste by EWC code

Choose a particular waste site and see what waste streams are incoming to or outgoing from that site by EWC code.

Search industrial sites with an Environmental Permit across England to identify waste sources by EWC code

Choose a particular industrial site and see what waste streams that site disposes of by EWC code.

Search incinerator facilities across England to identify incoming or outgoing waste streams by EWC code

Choose a particular incinerator facility and see what waste streams are incoming to or outgoing from that site by EWC code.

Limited summary of waste sources in Ireland and overseas outlets for exporterd wastes by EWC code.

RDF:Insight (Subscribers Only)

Review key trends in the RDF export market by country, exit port, entry port, notifier and consignee

Site-by-Site trends (2013-2019) showing tonnage of household waste vs C&I received at the facility.

TFS Overview Dashboard (Subscribers Only)

Shows year-on-year comparison of waste volumes exported from England under Transfrontier Shipment of Waste controls

European Energy From Waste (EFW) Facilities Report (Subscribers Only)

Shows tonnage capacity & power for each Energy from Waste (EfW) facility across EU & Scandinavia in an interactive map